Terms of Agreements and Requirements

Website www.cicot.or.th

Part of the committees of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand has the following visions

  1. To submit approval for halal by online procedures.
  2. To assess the products received approval of halal.
  3. To proceed for public relations.
  4. Provide the customers has their rights to access and assess the products with halal.

The information are should be founded for the assessment on the website www.cicot.or.th

I hereby to accept agreements mentions above.

Requirement on services

  1. The obtain services of the participant, the person must understand and accept all of the agreements and requirements of providers.
  2. The provider is the Central Islamic Council of Thailand via www.cicot.or.th
  3. The participants into the services of providers must agree that the provider will notices the participant is fully understand the agreements and requirements from the date start into the services
  4. You need to proceed enrollment for applying by provide fully and accurate information that up to date, failure to provide fully and accurate information, www.cicot.or.th may suspend providing the services immediately.
  5. Subscriber may acknowledge that www.cicot.or.th is a product operator the utility to obtain a certificate of renewal or cancellation for halal. Product certification and to verify the accuracy of the product to obtain a certificate from the long-distance research organization of Thailand.
  6. Medical information services through the website www.halal.co.th to promote and to verify the accuracy of product information in Thailand.
  7. In case the user fill in the application form for the verification, extension, renewal, cancellation on www.cicot.or.th, If the participant do not follow the instructions provided by the supplier within 90 days, data will be deleted from the system immediately and must be filled out or registered if the user wishes to continue.
  8. Members accept changes to the features of the new development and updated features, including feature enhancements, improvements, user interface enhancements, security enhancements, and more on other services.
  9. The user understands and accepts that the internet service may cause direct or indirect damage from defects or malfunction of any device, information system or network link. Loss of data during transmission or otherwise above the control of the service provider the user agrees not to indemnify the service provider.
  10. If the subscriber fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the service requested, the service provider reserves the right to withdraw the subscriber and can immediately terminate the service with you without advance notice of membership revocation. It is at the discretion of the website staff, which may be referenced by the victim or complaint.
  11. The service provider reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions as deemed appropriate without notice beforehand.

Privacy Policy

The Central Islamic Council of Thailand recognizing and attaching importance to personal data protection in accordance with the Personal Data Privacy Policy Act B.E. 2562 by explaining how to collect Storage, use, disclosure, including rights of the owner of personal information, etc., in order for the data subject to be aware of the company's personal data protection policy and comply with the law properly The company therefore announced the policy The following... (Read more)

Privacy Policy

Information from the Central Islamic Council of Thailand collected through the website, including information you provide to the Central Islamic Council of Thailand (the Company) directly and information from your use of the service. This may be personal information that is protected by law... (Read more)

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy the Central Islamic Council of Thailand respects the privacy rights of website users. www.halal.or.th and is aware of the expectations of users that the information That users have provided through the Company's website will be properly protected. The company therefore announces a policy on the use of cookies. (Cookie Policy) as follows... (Read more)

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